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Aug. 17, 2021

E25: Roderick "RJ" Jefferson Impacts Humans and Revenue Alike

If you're wondering how the business of sales got to this point, this is the conversation for you.

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Aug. 13, 2021

E24: Jeff Riseley Ushers Mental Health in Sales to the Forefront

Sometimes one human setting their mind to something makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE. Jeff Riseley and is one such human, and SalesHealthAlliance.com is exhibit A. Interested in joining the conversation? Hit us up at 646-630-0826. Enjoy!

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Aug. 6, 2021

E23: Larry Long Jr. Impacts Hundreds of Thousands of Humans

Today, friends, we get to chat with the great Larry Long Jr. King of positivity. Together, we talk mindset, limiting beliefs, and imposter syndrome. We talk community and relationships. We talk about going out on our own and ...

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July 31, 2021

E22: Alli Rizacos Develops Leaders Across the Board

We're doing something different today, friends. Alli Rizacos as the coach, and me the coach-ee. For real. Publicly. Topic: Transition to sales leadership.

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July 29, 2021

Marcus A. Chan Creates 6-Figure Sellers, For Real

Interested in joining the conversation? Hit us up at 646-470-0826. No wrong answers.

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July 23, 2021

E20: Charles Muhlbauer Makes Selling Mad Fun

We talk about making the job more flipping fun.

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July 20, 2021

E19: Corey Kossack Helps Humans Who Help Themselves

Back in the day, Corey set a career thesis to help those who help themselves. And *daaammnn* has he nailed it. Again. If you're down to learn more about impact -- what it is, how to do it -- this …

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July 14, 2021

E18: Sean Sheppard Schools All Things GTM (Go To Market)

Interested in hearing from a man who started five companies, sold three, and invested in over 140 start ups over 25 years? Me too.

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July 9, 2021

E17: Andy Paul Reinvents Realness (and Selling)

It does not get cooler than a conversation with the man, myth, legend that is, the great Andy Paul. Speaking from experience.

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July 6, 2021

Episode 16: Breathing Belief Into Others with Scott Leese

On this episode, Scott and I get into the difference between a sales boss v. sales leader. What's in a name?! A ton.

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June 29, 2021

E15: Mark Kosoglow Sharpens MY Iron

"Selling's always changing. Are you?" Interested in joining the conversation? Hit up the voicemail at 646-470-0248. And or text "REAL" to come play on the Hotline.

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June 22, 2021

E14: Lorena Morales Desilos and Designs All Things Revenue

We need to stop pointing elbows at each other because your customers can feel that. One of many truth bombs dropped by Go Nimbly VP, Lorena Morales. Interested in joining the conversation? Hit up the voicemail at 646-470-0248. And or …

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June 18, 2021

E13: Davidson Hang Redefines Masculinity and Drives Impact

Once upon a time, Davidson Hang prospected me. And the rest is damn history. Interested in joining the conversation? Hit up the voicemail at 646-470-0248. And or text "REAL" to come play on the Hotline.

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June 15, 2021

E12: Chief Chris Hsiung Serves Us All

"It's not what you say, it's what people hear."

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June 8, 2021

E10: Andrew Herman Transcends Leadership and Transforms Team

15M in ARR to a 2B market cap, anyone? Hire and empower over 500 sellers, anyone? This man knows what the fuck is up.

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June 4, 2021

E9: Dave Whiteside Dishes Sales Doctorates

Welcome to a conversation with the legendary Dave Whiteside, the human who taught me most about sales.

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June 2, 2021

E8: Jordana Zeldin Tackles Team, Culture, and Psychological Safety Pa…

When someone has it, you just know. Jordana Zeldin not only has it, but she also brings it into everything she does. Join us as we swap stories about what it means to be on a high-functioning sales team. Red …

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May 25, 2021

E7: DeJuan Brown Unchains Feeling, Friendship, and Sales Enablement

What happens when we learn to feel again? Everything. A subject DeJuan Brown, Global Senior Director at Seismic, knows all about.

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May 19, 2021

E6: Jared Robin Drives Discomfort Within

Discomfort is the precursor of growth. A topic RevGenius Community co-founder Jared Robin knows all about.

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May 14, 2021

E5: Mercy Lee Bell Manifests Magnificence At Scale

Mercy Lee Bell delivered 30% of the company's ARR at 23. First sales job. It's like that. Our conversation gave me the chills, friends. Multiple times over. Think Pinky & The Brain and I'm Pinky.

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May 10, 2021

Bonus: Outro Saves America extended cut

Why not have fun with the RevenueReal Outro?!

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May 10, 2021

E2: Ryan Walsh Champions Transparency

Ryan Walsh, CEO of Repvue.com, is on a mission to enable sellers to succeed in their careers. And leads the charge to drive change across tech sales floors. "Only 42% of tech sellers make their sales quota."

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May 10, 2021

E3: Dae Kang Cracks the SDR Talent Code

Dae Kang is an SDR Adaptiva. This is his story of how he went from zero to converting 33% of cold LinkedIn DMs into meetings in 9 weeks.

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