September 03, 2021
E27: Shelton Banks Reworks Business Problems

Today we've got the man, the myth, the legend Shelton Banks on the Hotline, friends. Shelton is the CEO of Rework, co-founder of Sales For the Culture, and card-carrying member of #TeamHuman. Interested in joining the conversation? Hit us up at 646-470-0428.

When I started the show, friends, I dreamed of conversations like this. 

With humans like Shelton Banks.

And it's cooler than I could possibly have imagined!!! 

Together, we talk unlearning and doing calls sans agenda.

We talk re-skilling. 

We talk diversity and inclusion problem statements.  

We talk about retaining black humans in the tech space. 

We talk business problems. 

We talk silence and avoidance. 

We talk communities. 

We talk creating space for weakness. 

We talk about lack of feedback and the doubt that creates in the minds of your team. 

We talk how executives have been responding to diversity, inclusion, and change. 

We talk about how superficial diversity of thought and experience messages can be.  

We talk the massive business mistake that is ignoring/excluding the 17 trillion purchasing power of the black community. 

We talk the road to inclusion which starts at diversity and exclusion

We talk the psychological impact of code-switching. 

We talk gender and mental health and wellness, oh my. 

Really though, we talk human. 

For more Shelton Banks, check him out on LinkedIn, Re-work, Sales for the Culture. For more on Shelton's story, check him out on the Brews & BizDev podcast.

To join the Rework cause, sign up here.

Truth, love, and joy, friends. Happy selling!


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Amy Hrehovcik

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Shelton Banks

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