Welcome to the real story.

Welcome to the real story.

Revenue Real Hotline is a podcast about uncomfortable conversations. Are you a revenue human? Do you prefer the real story?

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Recent Episodes

July 21, 2022

Align the SDR Function with Modern Buyers with AJ Alonzo

On this installment of the RRH, we’ve got AJ Alonzo. AJ is a principle at Demand Drive and an absolute master on all things SDRs. And together we get into some serious myth busting on all that is and can be a high performance...

July 15, 2022

How You Show Up Matters with Jonathan Mahan

On this installment of RRH, we’ve got Jonathan Mahan. Long-time tech seller. Co-founder of The Practice Lab. All-around amazing human. Together we get real about two of Jonathan’s hardest revenue conversations. What happened?...

July 12, 2022

SDRs Are People Too with Sebastien van Heyningen

On this installment of RRH, we’ve got the fabulous Sebastien van Heyningen. Sebastien is the President of Central Metric and rev ops consultant. Considering Sebastien is an SDR turned business owner, today we dig into all tha...

July 08, 2022

How Great Men Show Up For Women in Sales with Lori Richardson

On this episode of the RRH, we’ve got the wo-man, the myth, the legend Lori Richardson. And together we unravel fact from fiction on the gender gap in tech sales and tech sales leadership. And what to do about it. Topics Disc...

July 05, 2022

How Leadership Style and Training Impacts Humans with Jim Kanichirayil

On this installment of the RRH, we’ve got the fab Dr. Jim Kanichirayil. Jim is currently a Talent Strategy Evangelist at Circa. He’s co-host of the Cascading Leadership podcast. Today Jim and I dig into all that is backwards ...

June 29, 2022

Email Like a Human Being with Kellen Casebeer

Coaching episode alert! On today’s installment of RRH, Kellen Casebeer schools me on my outbound email game. Together we cover questions like what does personalized relevance mean? Why you should not assume people want to be ...