May 14, 2021
E5: Mercy Lee Bell Manifests Magnificence At Scale

Mercy Lee Bell delivered 30% of the company's ARR at 23. First sales job. It's like that. Our conversation gave me the chills, friends. Multiple times over. Think Pinky & The Brain and I'm Pinky.

World domination, anyone?  

We talk business. We talk tech sales. We talk podcasts. We talk money. We talk psychological safety. We talk friendship and healing. We talk journeys. We talk labels. We talk intersectionality and hyper-vigilance. We talk *right* action. We talk consumerism. We talk wellness.

And, most importantly, we talk about Take C4re. & Mercy's LinkedIn profile

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Andy Paul's LinkedIn Profile
Roderick "RJ" Jefferson's LinkedIn Profile

Amy HrehovcikProfile Photo

Amy Hrehovcik

Host of Revenue Real Hotline Podcast

Mercy Lee BellProfile Photo

Mercy Lee Bell

Sales Enablement Manager @ Webflow | Co-Founder @ Sourcing Voices