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Great host and great guest. Her analysis on the Pareto principle alone makes it worth listening to.

Amy is a gem

I've listened to several, and I enjoyed being a guest. Amy is giving, asks tremendous questions, adds value, gets deep, and makes it super entertaining. I highly recommend you download and engage. John Morris - Executive Director of Brand at Club Colors

Insightful, Entertaining and Actionable

Amy is one of my favorite sales professionals to learn with and from. She always finds the right balance between sharing her perspective and building upon the value brought by each guest to the show. My favorite thing about this show is the realness and the types of questions asked. If you’re looking for a different approach and perspective to level up your revenue game you have to give this show a listen. 🔥

Fun, Quality, Knowledge, Easy Listening

Non tangible likes: Spectacular radio voice LOL -- Just fun to listen to. It feels bingeable ( I am happy to have found it with so many episodes I can go gobble up). Tangible likes: The show notes with time stamps, GOLD! The cast of folks

A different and beautiful sales podcast

Amy is doing something different and beautiful. Her questions are informed by some big challenges she had to face in her own career. Sales is a tough business. Some people make it look easy and hide their scars. Amy has created a place where the truth is valued so people can come together to share their stories, opinions, be challenged, and grow together. Lots of podcasts are just an excuse to promote the host's personal brand. Amy cares more about empowering people.

Incredible Podcast for all revenue humans

Is such an awesome show. Amy is a fantastic house and brings on incredible guests that are willing to get real and talk about things that a lot of people are not talking about in sales. If you’re looking to get more comfortable with the uncomfortable conversations that every seller Hass to have in their role this is the show for you!

When keeping it real goes right!

So many sales and SaaS podcasts are just lip service. People repeating the same methodologies and ideas that marketing approved for them. This is a breath of fresh air. Every guest keeps it real and Amy sets the stage to allow them to. This is a great way to peel back the curtain and get real stories from real people in the industry

maaaaaannnn, great listening for those selling in the tech space and or trying to be a human being. very good cant wait for the next episode!!