July 20, 2021
E19: Corey Kossack Helps Humans Who Help Themselves

Back in the day, Corey set a career thesis to help those who help themselves. And *daaammnn* has he nailed it. Again. If you're down to learn more about impact -- what it is, how to do it -- this conversation is not be missed. Interested in joining the conversation, friends? Hit us up at 646-470-0248.

Welcome to another conversation, friends. 

This time I get to chat with the Aspireship CEO, friends, the great Corey Kossack. 

And we laugh. A lot. While bantering importing shit, naturally. 

We talk start-ups, sales, and Aspireship secrets. 

We talk about career paths and business decisions.  

We talk how most humans get type-casted into roles, professions, or industries with little to no recourse; orior to Aspireship, naturally. 

We talk about the broken "hiring hampster wheel" and the quest to find look-a-like candidates. 

We talk about how the attrition rate on tech sales floors is one of the biggest business problems in town. 

We talk helping humans with career questions. 

We talk creating spaces for others to have safe career conversations. 

We talk about the importance of executives who walk the sales floor (and collect data).  

We talk preserving our own energy while helping others. 

We talk "turnover" and "productivity" problem statements.  

We talk about how there is no path forward without Doing. The. Work.

For more on Corey Kossack, check him out on LinkedIn.

For more on Aspireship, definitely check them out Aspireship.com.

Interested in joining the conversation? Hit us up at 646-470-0248. 

Truth, love, and joy, friends. 

Happy selling! 

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Amy Hrehovcik

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Corey Kossack

Founder & CEO @ Aspireship