August 17, 2021
E25: Roderick "RJ" Jefferson Impacts Humans and Revenue Alike

If you're wondering how the business of sales got to this point, this is the conversation for you.

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If you have yet to meet Roderick Jefferson, allow me friends. 

RJ is currently the VP of Field Enablement at Netscope. A fitting spot after 24 years in Sales Enablement at orgs like Siebel Systems, Network Appliance, Business Objects, HP, PayPal, Oracle, Salesforce, and Marketo. If you're wondering how the business of sales got to this point, this is the conversation for you.  

We talk sales enablement and how the function got to where we are today.

We talk where it's going, 3.0-style.

We talk communication, transparency, value, metrics, and alignment. 

We talk weaving sales enablement into the fabric of GTM strategies, starting at the top. 

We talk root cause problems vs. chasing symptoms, indefinitely. 

We talk revenue, profitability, and efficiency. 

We talk sales boss (vs. sales leader) and manager skill development. 

We talk flipping the script of building high-potential programs vs. high potential leaders.

We talk the power of the question: Do you want me to listen? Do you want me to coach? Do you want me to fix? (40 mins)

We talk "shiny tool syndrome."

And we talk team design. 

We talk succession planning for sellers!

We talk the cost of doing nothing.

We talk transparency, my all-time favorite topic.

We talk how it starts and ends with the buyer's journey. 

We talk selling and leading with empathy and EQ.

Really though, we talk human. 

For more on Roderick "RJ" Jefferson, check him out on LinkedIn, the website

And buy the darn book, friends.

Interested in joining the conversation? Hit us up @ 646-470-0248.


Truth, love, and joy, friends. 

Happy selling! 

Roderick JeffersonProfile Photo

Roderick Jefferson

Global VP Enablement @ PRO Unlimited | Bestselling Author | Keynote Speaker

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Amy Hrehovcik

Host of Revenue Real Hotline Podcast