July 31, 2021
E22: Alli Rizacos Develops Leaders Across the Board

We're doing something different today, friends. Alli Rizacos as the coach, and me the coach-ee. For real. Publicly. Topic: Transition to sales leadership.

We're doing something different today, friends. 

Alli Rizacos plays the coach, and I'm the coach-ee.

For real.


Topic: Transition to sales leadership.

And yes, it was highly uncomfortable. Still is. lol

Did I say publicly? Yeah. This happened. 

We also go deep into the ways a human can surgically suss out the org and sales culture so super relevant for career thinkers too. 

We don't just talk human today, friends. 

We are BEing human. 

And Alli rocks.  

For more Alli Rizacos, check her out on LinkedIn, www.allirizacos.com, or best yet, just book your free 45-minute exploration call here.

Shout out to the great WISE community and executive director, Alex Adamson mentioned within. 

Hit us up on the Hotline at 646-470-0826 where all thoughts, questions, comments, calls of bs, or whatevs are very welcome.  

Truth, love, and joy, friends. 

Happy selling!


  • Developing the Leader Within by John Maxwell
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