Mad fun conversation with my friend Charles Muhlbauer, humans. 

Full of truth bombs. 

Together, we talk about conversations, compliments, and etiquette.  

We talk AE life and Charles's AE series on LinkedIn. 

We talk about the differences between information sales v. SaaS sales.

We talk how selling information changes you as a person. 

We talk about creativity and learning to sell the intangibles (not the features or product).

We talk AE empowerment. 

We talk about the importance of market acumen as a seller and how it's rare. 

 We talk about the treasure trove of intel to be learned from the prospects and buyers. 

Shoutout to Kevin "KD" Dorsey. 

We talk about learning to sell. 

We talk about how impactful it can be to get the prospect to tell YOU stories.  

We talk "Thought of You (prospect)" Mindset.  

We talk about how to have more fun while selling!

Really though, we talk human. 

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Truth, love, and joy, friends. 

Happy selling! 

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Amy Hrehovcik

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Charles Muhlbauer

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