August 13, 2021
E24: Jeff Riseley Ushers Mental Health in Sales to the Forefront

Sometimes one human setting their mind to something makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE. Jeff Riseley and is one such human, and is exhibit A. Interested in joining the conversation? Hit us up at 646-630-0826. Enjoy!

Greetings, humans. 

Welcome to a very real conversation with the great, Jeff Riseley, founder of Sales Health Alliance. 

Today, we talk the mental tax around returning to work. 

We talk about the importance of putting in the work on our mentals while times are good.

We talk about Stoicism and the inner citadel. 

We talk crowd-sourcing ideas and best practices around wellness. 

And help. 

We talk about sharing stories with one another and the vulnerability paradox. 

We talk all things leadership. 

Really, we talk human. 

For more on Jeff Riseley, check him out on LinkedIn and Sales Health Alliance

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Truth, love, and joy, friends. 

Happy selling!

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Amy Hrehovcik

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Jeff Riseley

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