April 12, 2022
Episode 49: Sales Copy Clinic with Henna Pryor

For today’s conversation, Henna and I dig into one of the greatest things you can do to elevate your revenue career. Focus on those writing skills. And how to do a lot better to keep it relevant for the buyers.

Today, Henna Pryor and I go deep into all the magical things that happen when we level up the writing game.

Topics discussed in this episode

  • Why do most of us continue to write emails like business cyborgs? (4:47)
  • Where does the writing skill gap come from? (07:48)
  • How can we incorporate more context into our words that is actually relevant to our buyers? (15:53)
  • We also break down the psychology of the email response. (21:21)
  • And what happens when narrower segmentation is introduced into the mix? (25:33)
  • What is the Sales Copy Clinic? (35:33)

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Amy Hrehovcik

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Henna Pryor

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