June 22, 2021
E14: Lorena Morales Desilos and Designs All Things Revenue

We need to stop pointing elbows at each other because your customers can feel that. One of many truth bombs dropped by Go Nimbly VP, Lorena Morales. Interested in joining the conversation? Hit up the voicemail at 646-470-0248. And or text "REAL" to come play on the Hotline.

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We talk desilo-ing the revenue conversation. 

We talk origins of sales and marketing misalignment. We get into RevOps and sales enablement misalignments as well. 

We talk about the rise of customer success v. how it's known outside of the Silicon Valley filter bubble, "account management." (They're the same. And certainly not new.)

We talk about the evolution of marketing and sales.  

We talk the perplexing state that forgoes retention revenue in favor of hyper-focusing on net new only. 

We talk about identifying the REAL problem. 

We talk process design and design thinking. 

We talk about conversations with customers and the customer's customers.

We talk about the ugly stigmas around being a salesperson, and how injecting more women into leadership is the path forward. 

Then we get into visas and the state of immigration in the States. Victimization v. harboring a victim's mindset. And how BRUTAL living with this cloud can be. 

We talk about the big ass difference between sharing a story where one has been victimized v. being labeled as a victim or harboring a victim mindset. 

Then we get into DATA!! And the criticalness of designing systems for hyper-growth too. 

We talk stakeholder alignment as it relates to ABM/change management AND enterprise selling. 

Really, we talk human. 

Interested in joining the conversation? Hit up the voicemail at 646-470-0248. And or text "REAL" to come play on the Hotline. 

For more on Lorena Morales, check her out onLinkedIn,The Revenue Podcast, herMaking a Marketer series on YouTube.

For more on Syncari, check out CEO Nick Bonfiglio'sLinkedIn, thewebsite, and their latest massive VC round. 

Lorena MoralesProfile Photo

Lorena Morales

Director of Global Digital Marketing Revenue Operations @ JLL

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Amy Hrehovcik

Host of Revenue Real Hotline Podcast