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Lorena Morales

Director of Global Digital Marketing Revenue Operations @ JLL

Feb. 3, 2022

Episode 40: Season 1 Highlights and Best Moments

The season ender of the Revenue Real Hotline features some of the most impactful moments with the truly amazing people featured by Amy: 1. 01:27 DeJuan Brown 2. 02:16 Andrew Herman 3. 04:00 Scott Leese 4. 05:51 Mark Kosoglow 5. …

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June 22, 2021

E14: Lorena Morales Desilos and Designs All Things Revenue

We need to stop pointing elbows at each other because your customers can feel that. One of many truth bombs dropped by Go Nimbly VP, Lorena Morales. Interested in joining the conversation? Hit up the voicemail at 646-470-0248. And or …

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