March 31, 2022
Episode 46: The Customer is Number One with Lori Dunn

Lori Dunn is a sales leader for an early stage climate tech and a true powerhouse. On this episode, we get real about how much better sales can be when we keep all things about the customer. For real.

Topics discussed: 

- How should one think about possible job shifts while not performing at your best? (09:20)

- What is the goal as a seller? (12:50)

- How does one overcome the general mistrust most feel while interacting with sales humans? (13:50)

- Why should you treat your customers impeccably? (18:21)

- My favorite way to handle competitive sales motions? (19:53)

- What happens when your definition of training does not align with that of your boss or company? (21:51)

Resources mentioned: Bullet point list of links to external

resources mentioned throughout the episode. Include timestamps when each

article is introduced.

- Blind Spots with Lori Dunn (03:31) 

- Sell Without Selling Out by Andy Paul (11:07)

- Thursday Night Sales 

- Roderick episode (29:35)

- Sales Enablement with a Twist with Jeff Bajorek (29:55)

- Sales Enablement 3.0 (30:13)

- Psyche & Sales Podcast with Dr. Ehrin Weiss and David Weiss (42:02)

- Naked Sales by Ashley Welch (42:03)

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