April 05, 2022
Episode 47: Career Courage is Calling with Nigel Green

Nigel Green, author of Revenue Harvest, comes to get real with us today on the Revenue Real Hotline. On this episode, Nigel brings his business management expertise to bear. To rethink how we bring our sales skills to market. And if you don’t like the rules of the sales game, change them.

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We get into questions like:

- What happens when there’s more demand for sales talent than there is supply? (04:49)

- Why are companies losing sellers in the first place? (11:00)

- How will you measure your life? (15:02)

- What if the only way to win is to play your own game? (18:26)

- What are Nigel Green’s goals for the year (so we can all hear how it’s done)? (21:55)

- And what does it mean to design a Company of One? (22:04)


Resources mentioned in this episode

- Revenue Harvest (20:20)

- After A Tornado Devastated My Rural Kentucky Community, Something Beautiful Happened by Becky Giles Green (03:05)

- The Art of Community (3:41)

- RepVue (12:31)

- RepVue CEO Ryan Walsh episode (12:31)

- How Will You Manage Your Life by Clayton M. Christenson (14:39)

- Company of One by Paul Jarvis (21:59)

- Mr. Mustache on the Tim Ferris podcast (22:56)

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Amy Hrehovcik

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Nigel Green

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