May 25, 2021
E7: DeJuan Brown Unchains Feeling, Friendship, and Sales Enablement

What happens when we learn to feel again? Everything. A subject DeJuan Brown, Global Senior Director at Seismic, knows all about.

First 30 mins, we talk stories and journeys as it relates to us and TakeC4re. We talk relationships -- the good, bad and ugly. We talk about trust and emotions and value judgments. We talk about growth and how to first define what we feel and how to best communicate it. 

Then we pivot to sales enablement. We talk about sales cultures. Psychological safety. Leveling up interactions with buyers. Busting down silos. And finally, we talk community and investing in humans around us.

All the feels, friends.

Interested in joining the conversation via the hotline? Text REAL to 646-470-0248.

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