It takes a village to raise a child. At least in theory anyway. Not how it generally goes down in these United States of America. 

That is until Ania Domain arrived. And this woman works FAST.  

Ania is the Director of Strategic Partnerships over at Procurement Foundry, another rapid-growth, revenue/profit community called Procurement Foundry. 

She is also the mastermind behind the RevGenius Parent Channel coolness. Also the coolest, high-value, never-been-done channel launch project I myself have had the pleasure to be a part of. 

The conversation is smoking.

ESPECIALLY for anyone interested in community strategy, growth, and or RevGenius. 

We talk deeply about Ania's vision for the Parent Channel, our backstory, and what to expect.

We talk policy, immigration, green space, volunteers, and value. 

We get into the dirty word that is "vendors" v. true strategic partners. 

We talk peer-to-peer relationships as it relates to wellness at work.

We talk the fabulousness that is Miss Elizabeth Gracey.  

Oh yeah.

This may or may not be a master class in how to create psychologically safe spaces in the mind of a human (buyer) PRIOR TO a (discovery) conversation. Experience-style.

For more on Ania, check her out on LI here. 

For more on Procurement Foundry or RevGenius, check them out here and here. 

Truth, love, and joy, friends.

Happy selling!

Amy HrehovcikProfile Photo

Amy Hrehovcik

Host of Revenue Real Hotline Podcast

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Ania Domian

Director of Partnership Development @ Procurement Foundry