April 07, 2022
Episode 48: Create Your Own Journey with Charlene Brown

On the this episode, we get to hang with the Brand Misfit herself, Charlene Brown. Charlene injects mad knowledge into how your website is not a magical unicorn. Like all things, it requires work, iteration, and a deep desire to understand the very humans you’re trying to serve.

Topics discussed in this episode:

- What do you know about websites? What are you trying to accomplish with the website? (05:00)

- How should you think about websites and success metrics? (9:35)

- Understand the science first, and then create some art. (10:49)

- What’s going on with the copy? Are the words about you/company OR are they about your prospects and customers?

- What’s the difference between prospects who already understand (or care about) the business problem you help with versus those who do not? And what does this have to do with your time and energy as sellers? (12:30)

- How can we do a far better job communicating with prospects asynchronously? (14:00)

- Websites are not magical creatures. Iterate! Here’s how. (18:06)

- What kind of data do *great* websites generate and what to do with it? (23:38)

- What makes Thomson Reuters and other great orgs like it so great? (25:35)

- Your time and your energy are the greatest nonrenewable assets you’ve got. Be smart about it. (33:33)

- Charlene’s advice about uncomfortable conversations. (36:29)

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