March 29, 2022
Episode 45: Opportunities Are All Around Us with Andre Vicario

Opportunities are hard to come by. Or are they? Today we dig into this and more with Andre Vicario, CEO of Mod Financial, host of the Mod Financial Podcast, author of Freedom with Altitude, and now the proud owner of a charter plane business! And we keep it very real.

Topics discussed in this episode: 

- How to get out of your own head and do what needs to be done to take on something scary or new? (08:05) 

- What exactly does one have to do to cultivate discipline? (11:50)

- How can we use self doubt as a driver to push through the hard? (19:15)

- How to think less about the how and more about the who? (24:08)

- The power of learning to forgive yourself. (29:30)

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Amy Hrehovcik

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Andre Vicario

Founder & CEO @ Mod Financial | Author | Podcast Host